Volume One                                                                                         Issue One


   Mayor Harry Byrd announced plans to accommodate the Record Book’s team of Measurement Scientists with full fledged Hendyville hospitality. The group will be staying at the Bridgetown Inn just west of Hendyville. “If you happen to run into any of these guys, make sure you give them a friendly welcome,” Mayor Byrd asked.

   Everybody is not as excited about this event. Hendyville is one of the country’s best kept secrets and some townspeople would like to keep it that way, SIMPLE, so reports this reporter.

MMXVII Issue # 1.   Published by Beeswax News.

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   Hendyville Quagmire made big news today.  According to claims made by Jerry Gerard, a visitor to our community, this quagmire may be the largest natural quagmire in the nation. While flying over Hendyville in search of new records for his best-selling record book, Gerard’s National Book of Records, Mr. Gerard made a quick landing. “This could be one of the country's best kept secrets,” Gerard stated. Of course the townspeople of Hendyville have known for a long time how huge and mysterious the quagmire really is.

by Budrick “Whitey” White