I am so excited that I found your website!  I had the Dirty Dingy Daryl books when I was a child ... I have been looking for mine everywhere to pass on to my four year old son.  I had an original signed copy of the first book from when my mother took me to meet you.  I have searched high and low, but to no avail!  I have never forgotten them over the years and I can’t wait to get them so that I can read them to him!  I know he will enjoy them as much as I did.  Thanks.


New Richmond, OH


Dear Parents and Teachers--

Thank you for accepting Dirty Dingy Daryl and the Muddy Buddy Pals to share with your children and students.  When it comes to reading, writing, illustrating and expanding a child’s imagination to get him and her excited about learning, then Dirty Dingy Daryl and the Muddy Buddy Pals are a resource that can help you achieve your goals.

We promise you that your children will love Dirty Dingy Daryl and the Muddy Buddy Pals because they are so much like real-life kids.  They love to play, laugh, have fun, explore, create, make believe, tell stories and to be good--most of the time.  

On this website you and your young children and students can read a story together, make something in the kitchen, try a new craft or art project, exercise and use your imagination.  Older children can get more involved by interacting with the characters by contributing stories to the “Hendyville Gazette” and sharing artwork that may be published on this site.

We also offer a program called “Motivate, Educate, Read, Write, Illustrate” for schools and libraries. Send us an email to get more information:  hebo@fuse.net

We welcome your ideas and feedback.  We hope to hear from you.  Thank you.

a.k.a. David and Patty